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Automate building CDJ DB from MP3s?

Posted By: Brooks Talley <brooks@f...>
Date: 7/25/00 5:40pm

I'm in the process of encoding my cd collection on mp3's so I'll be able to get to it remotely. I'm basically using media jukebox and doing a cd or two here and there while I work on other things.

What this is going to give me is a directory with 4000 songs or so, with a common naming scheme.

Has anyone written a tool yet to make a CDJ DB from a bunch of files? I'll probably do it myself if not, but man would I like to skip the effort.

Colby -- one thing that might help (or obviate) this would be if CDJ was more elegant about making MP3 albums and adding tracks. It takes forever to make an album, add songs one by one, make another album, and so on. CDJ could also pick up the artist, album, and title info from the filename like winamp does.

Winamp's logic is pretty good; it parses the filename, determines the number of fields, decides if any of them are the song # (a numeric field with no duplicates), arranges them in that order. Then it assumes (I think) that the text fields are in the order artist, album, song title.

Any thoughts, anyone?


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