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Help with random serach

Posted By: Mike Hardy <mhardy@h...>
Date: 7/29/00 10:12am

Sorry about the errors in my last post. I went to preview and hit post.

I want to create a search in my map file that will play everything but some key words I have added to the database. How do I create a search so it is exclusive of the keywords, but random across all other tracks?

I have included the two automation scripts below. The first one is random, but it plays EVERYTHING. I want to skip the kw = kids.

# Play Random cdir01:4 { cdj:playlist_stop cdj:playlist_mode[manual] cdj:playlist_clear cdj:playlist_stop cdj:playlist_mode[random ] cdj:playlist_pointer[top] cdj:playlist_play }

# Play Kids cdir01:5 { ccdj:playlist_stop cdj:playlist_mode[manual] cdj:playlist_clear cdj:search_mode[track] cdj:playlist_clear cdj:search[kw=kids] cdj:playlist_mode[random] cdj:playlist_pointer[top] cdj:playlist_play }


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