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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Newest CDJ Revision

Posted By: Matt Ashenden <mashenden@c...>
Date: 8/2/00 8:40pm

I downloaded the latest CDJ program (8/1/00). It looks and works great. The new banners identifying the Playlist, Albums and Tracks are great. Also, the new way to right click in order to select tracks is the best.

FYI, there are a few quirks that I noticed, but not new to this version. They have been there awhile, as follows:

1) Mute doesn’t always work. When it doesn’t work I noticed that it is because CDJ inserted a time update in between the mute commands (cdjr:mute_on & sonyamp:mute_on). I have a Sony amp and use the Slink instead of IR. This happens sporadically, but often, and can be viewed by looking at the Slink-e data viewer.

2) When shuffling the playlist, some of the entries are dropped. This can be recreated by loading a pre-saved playlist then right clicking on “Shuffle Playlist” (sometimes it has to be done a few times to really notice the problem). You can see the scroll bar increase in size as the playlist shrinks (it can also be confirmed by counting the entries before and after the shuffle).

Question – Is there a way to do a selectable shuffle? For example, only draw from CD’s marked with selectable keywords.

Please forgive me but you gave me one feature I really wanted, and now my mind is going again 

Thanks for everything.

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