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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

IR Port 1 strangness...

Posted By: Thomas Kasner <tkasner1@s...>
Date: 8/8/00 1:19am

I finally got around to adding a second IR zone to my slink-e, and I'm noticing some wierd behavior..

Sometimes the IR receiver connected to Port 1 will become unresponsive.. The LED blinks like it's seeing the IR correctly, but CDJ does not receive the commands and events do not happen. If I send _any_ IR command to Port 0 (the slink-e itself), I can then immediatly use the IR receiver connected to port 1, and all my mapped events happen correctly. Everything will continue to function correctly for some random extended length of time... I only see the problem about once per day.

I'm not using the Slink-e as an IR repeater, I just use the remote receiver/transmitter to activate mapped events within CDJ. In the slinkeserver under settings, I only have receivers activated with the green marks, everything else is blank. I'm just using the default settings.

I've read about someone else having the whole thing lock up, but I think the orange light was going solid when that happened... the light on my slink-e is still green when it stops listening to port1.

I appriciate any thoughts/suggestions anyone might have..

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