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Re: Is Slink-e what I need?

Posted By: Barry Gordon <Barry@t...>
Date: 8/20/00 12:05pm

In Response To: Is Slink-e what I need? (Barry Thomas)

I have the same configuration of equipment. Colby is planning to develop a direct hardware interface from the slinke to the xantech network (one direction only I think). At the current time I use a little optical coupler that uses an slinke IR emitter, a plastic radio shack project box and a xantech J-Box receiver. It works flawlessly.

I do not use the slinke to accept IR, only put it out. To bring IR into the PC I use a little device that accepts one IR protocol only, NEC, and converts it to Ascii HEX on an rs232 com port The HEX is the device code and function code values which is what ou really want. The device does all of the recognition and pattern decoding. Since I drive all the IR inputs from a Philips Pronto, I just generate NEC codes for the Pronto for arbitrary device codes and work from there. The device is called NECIR2PC and is made by custom remotes. It costs about $40.

I have a tool which I give out that can be used to generate IR patterns for the systems made by Philips (the Pronto) Nirvis (the slinke) and Applied Digital (oceleot and leopard). It is based upon protocol and device code information similar to what Colby uses.

Hope this helps

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