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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Is a mixer or preamp necesssary to switch player

Posted By: Darrell Bright <sobright@c...>
Date: 8/21/00 11:15pm

Recently I purchaced an additional player and hope to take advantage (assuming that I read correctly) of slinke's ability to not only switch between sources but also fade out one player as the other player starts. I tried using "Y" connectors to connect two players into my receiver but it appears to substantially lower the volume. I am guessing that, due to some law of physics that I forgot from my college days, this will require some kind of preamp. In order to do what I want, am I going to need to either use a Sony (s-link) preamp that can be controlled by the slinke or build/buy a mixer? I have seen plans for Colby's mixer in previous posts but with only one player, it didn't matter back then. It appears that one advantage of a preamp over a mixer is the ability to use the volume controls in MDJ to control volume on two separate channels. If so, does anyone have a model recommendation?

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