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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Need help with Slinkeserv problem

Posted By: Ryan <ryanb@e...>
Date: 8/27/00 1:54am

I've coded a VB program that receives my IR commands from various remotes, and sends appropriate X10 commands to various lights throughout the house. I was debuging some new code yesterday, when out of no where the slinke serve decided to quit working. I'm suddenly having a very hard time trying to get the slinke server to load. If CDJ tries to load it, it keeps giving up. I get an error message saying that it cannot create an object. If I manually load it, it will take several minutes to load, but will still not work correctly. It seems to be very slow.

I've actually had this problem in the past, but after rebooting my PC a few times, it finally began to work as normal. This time I can't seem to reboot my PC enough. I will sometimes get an error message that it is having problems with my DDE.

Any ideas? Like last time, this problem didn't occur until I started to debug my VB program.

Any advice or info would be great.

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