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Using Windows 95 as a DCOM Server Host

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 9/2/00 12:47pm

fyi, i found this in



Using Windows 95 as a DCOM Server Host Windows 95 can be a DCOM server host with the following caveats: There is no launch capability, which means the DCOM server process must already be running for a client to connect to it.

If secure connections are needed, then the server (and in the case of callbacks, the client) must have user-level access control with the name of a security provider set.

The registry value "EnableRemoteConnect" must be set to "Y."

DCOM98 has been tested most extensively using the Windows NT Domain security provider. You may encounter problems using other security providers.

To establish user-level access control, you must have FILESEC.VXD installed. This is generally installed on Windows 95 machines by installing File and Print Sharing.

To enable user-level access control, launch the Network control panel applet, choose the "Access Control" tab, select the box marked "User-level access control," and enter the name of your security domain. This may affect the way you currently share directories on the network from your computer; see the Online documentation for details. If you do not have an "Access Control" tab in your network configuration control panel, you need to install a network client service. See the "Network clients, setting up" Help topic in the Online Help for information on installing a network client.

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