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How do I convert a search response into a playlist

Posted By: Srivatsan Parthasarathy <srivatsanp@h...>
Date: 9/8/00 11:50am

I do a search[..] and am looking for a way to make a playlist out of the response.

The only way I have figured is calling playlist_mode[random]. But this isn't desirable due to the side effects of "random play" behavior. If I don't set the "keep items" number high enough I might loose some tracks that came from the search, and there is repetition. Besides, if the search returned say just one item, the random play insists on repeating it several times inspite of playlist_loop[off].

I guess I could keep iterating over searchlist_getitem[] and inserting into the playlist manually but that's too cumbersome. (for some reason a searchlist_getitem responds with a playlist_item instead of a searchlist_item as indicated in the Help, but that's a different story :)

If its not RTFM, I am loking for a

search[..] playlist_import_from_search playlist_loop[off] ; optional playlist_shuffle here should play the search items once in random order and then STOP!


-- vatsan

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