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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Still Lockups

Posted By: Curt Blood <curtb@o...>
Date: 9/10/00 10:33pm

Haven't posted for awhile, I have finally had a about 5 hours to spend with CDJ, both old and new versions.... Colby, I can't nail down why it is happening but it is both locking up and at times sending the player into a play for 5 secs. then move on to next same same etc etc.... It does not seem to matter what is happening, and the only thing I can see that is the same everytime is the title bar time display... It locks up and then the system is trashed. Restart, not reboot. If I let it play to end of song it just stops, if I try to forward one track in playlist it either locks or does the 5 sec play thing. It appears that I can still control the players but only to restart the 5 sec. thing. The title bar time never changes from the time it locks up till restart I have tried with slinksrv and direct with CDJ, no change, I have tried with all changers looped and on individual ports on Slinke.

BTW the new KEYWORD stuff is great, just wish it would run more then 1 to 5 songs before locking up.... OH yes went back to the 6-12 version, I think the first to support the 400 and it still seems to work great.


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