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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

While you're all brainstorming...

Posted By: Mike Macgirvin <max@n...>
Date: 9/11/00 12:00pm

First, I wanted to feedback that most all of the "problems" I experienced a few weeks back as a new user have been resolved through education. :-)

w/r/t setting up slinkeserv on win98 without an NT domain controller on the local net I couldn't get there from here because I still need to share other resources on that machine. I tried the cutting-edge samba stuff for Linux to see if I could put an NT domain controller there, but that project isn't yet ready for prime time. Looks like I need an NT box.

I believe the single most bang-for-buck feature that could be created at this point would be the ability to deal with multiple playlists in their own floating windows on screen. I know a little about windoze and it seems like an MDI application is called for. Granted, only one playlist can ever have focus, because otherwise you could have some real sync problems.

The library and device, etc. windows would be static. It's slightly different than the "virtual album" feature discussed a few days ago, but not too different. It's a possible mechanism with which to implement that idea.

What's the lowdown on CDJ source code? Is it property of Nirvis? Just seems that there could be some benefit to open sourcing it. There seems to be a lot of programming talent represented in the dicussion lists, but only one (or two?) active developers. There are at least five or six folks here that I would give CVS access to if it were my own project. Sure, there need to be set guidelines and project roadmaps, but I think some of the minor bugs and features would get fixed faster, and allow Colby et al to focus on the bigger picture. Just a thought.

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