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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

CDJ Reliability

Posted By: Mike Kropp <mkropp@c...>
Date: 9/11/00 7:41pm

I really didn't want to post this because I'm generally happy with what CDJ and the Slink-e have done for my A/V setup especially the convenience of playing CDs.

However, really don't think there has been a reliable version of CDJ for some time (at least June at the latest). Many people have complained of odd behaviors with playlists such as skipping, repeating, only playing a few seconds, etc. While everyone may not be seeing them, they are there. I see them regularly.

There are things I can do that will trigger bad behavior pretty reliably. One thing is to stop a playlist, open a player and take a disc out, start the playlist again. Even if the removed disc isn't in the current playlist, almost every time CDJ will go from disc to disc to disc not playing anything long enough to even hear audio. It just waltzes down the playlist from track to track, pulling in new entries from the search list as needed.

Needless to say, it's stuff like this that keeps me from bring all my friends over to see what I've got and perhaps garner a few more sales for Nirvis and Sony.

It's gotten so anytime I take a disc out to bring in the car, I shut down CDJ and restart it so the next time someone tries to play something it will probably work fine.

I truly want CDJ to succeed but I continually get frustrated.


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