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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

New CDJ version

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 9/14/00 3:57pm

I've put a new version of CDJ on the site. I think I have identified a source of playlist skipping and have fixed it. I've also fixed some other recently mentioned bugs relating to MP3 albums. The new version has both get and submit support for lyrics. The lyrics server at lyrics.lipetsk.ru is free and needs your support to continue operating that way. Please use the submit lyrics feature (you can select you whole library) to upload any lyrics you may already have to the site so that it can grow. Also try to pay a visit to their home page now and then to keep their advertisers happy.

Here's the revision log:


Fix bug which causes playlist items to be skipped, repeated, and potential crashes.

Fix BugBuddy to prevent resource leak in Win98 when activity is logged.

Fix drag and drop of MP3s

Added lyrics banner with GET, SUBMIT, and website hyperlink - please contribute all lyrics you may have by using Library | Select All and then SUBMIT.

Fix keyword assignment bug during library load.

Fix saving of settings in Rating View

Add proper default descriptions of 400-disc models.

Add algorithm to support CX270/90ES models which have non-standard binary track mode[ ] reporting without affect units with std. reporting.

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