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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Re: dvp-cx850d help please

Posted By: Jeroen Sonnemans
Date: 9/18/00 11:10am

In Response To: Re: dvp-cx850d help please (Jose Coto)

Hi Jose,

I've asked colby to include the file with CDJ and he did in the current release. You can find it in the Device Files/Sony/dvdcx850dcs.cde (or dvdcx850dir.cde for the IR Version).

Below Are the 'instructions' I'd included with the Emails I've sent out:

----- Enclosed is the Device File for the CX850 for usage with Control-S.

I've created the file with VB from the device and command codes (special thanks to Barry Gordon!).

All you need to do is load the device file (dvdcx850dcs.cde) in CDJ (or your app) and add it to Port IR7 (or in VB Set Bit 11), or if you prefer to use IR - use the dvdcx850dir.cde and assing it the approperate IR-Port

Hope this helps....

Good luck,


PS> you need to make sure the sonycs.cde (standard device from the nirvis/Device Files/sony folder) is located in the same folder since the dvdca.cde uses an include refere

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