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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Problem with random in new version (092600)

Posted By: Andy Monks <ajm@a...>
Date: 9/28/00 2:18am

Hi Colby,

Since upgrading from 090800 to 092600 I've noticed a problem (could be a feature so I won't call it a bug).

If under 'options->random play' you have 'always alternate players if possible' set, then hitting the shuffle button, selects every track on an ablum before moving onto another one. However, if this is unset, it works as it did before randomly selecting tracks all over the place.

As currently I've only got 1 player this isn't a problem unselecting it, it just seems strange.

Also, any chance you could standardize the wording for random/shuffle to just be one of them. In the options in random and the toolbar button is 'shuffle mode'

I'd also like an enchancement if you could. I basically use the cdj on random most of the time and have my 'songs ahead' set to 20 and 'songs behind' set to 0. Where I live, we suffer from power cuts quite a bit (averaging 1 a week at the moment!). As I leave the pc running cdj all the time, any chance of having an option that also saves the playlist everytime it gets changed?

Wouldn't say no to an option to take a backup copy of the database every X hours to somewhere else to for the same reason

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