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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #9

Interfacing Xantech Receivers to Slinke

Posted By: Dave Thomas <thomasdr@u...>
Date: 9/30/00 4:52pm

I've designed and debugged a PC card that interfaces to the Dsub connector of the slinke. I'm wondering if there is sufficient interest in this card for me to have about 100 manufactured.

The card provides optical isolation and demodulation of up to seven Xantech receivers. The purpose of the optical isolation is to avoid running the ground line of the slinke around the house (and associated noise problems) if multiple IR zones are required.

While the slinke provides inputs for up to 7 extra IR receivers, the receivers must be demodulated (carrier frequency removed). If you have the high quality Xantech receivers, you cannot directly interface them to the slinke. This card provides the required demodulation function.

The card also provides optical isolation for up to 7 IR transmiters. This interface passes the signal from the slinke, but provides the optical isolation to avoid problematic ground loops.

The card uses .100 mil on a center terminal blocks to terminate the Xantech receiver/IR transmit wires. Each terminal block has 5 positions:

Modulated (Xantech) IR in

Opto isolated, modulated IR out

Dirty gnd (for the Xantech receivers, isolated from slinke ground)

+12 (to power the Xantech receivers)

Shield (optional, but connected to dirty gnd if shielded cable is used)

The brains of the card is an Altera PLD which is programmed through the slinke. The same card can be reconfigured to change IR input ports to control-S ports, or provide IO expansion of the slinke DIO lines.

I designed the card for my personal use, but if there is sufficient interest, I'd change the card form factor slightly to fit within the plastic slinke box. Please let me know if you'd be interested and how much you'd be willing to pay.

The price will depend on how many are interested. I really haven't costed it accurately, but it would probably cost about $100 in low quantities ( < 10) and about $50 if I could get 100 people interested.

Dave Thomas 919 543 8367

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