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If you have multiple pieces of digital audio equipment and want to have intelligent, dynamic control over their interconnections then this is the product you're looking for. It is capable of flexibly routing digital audio (PCM, Dolby Digital, AC-3, DTS, A/DAT) as well as most other digital signals up to 96kHz.

A most useful feature of the DXS is its ability to automatically detect and switch to a music source when it starts playing.  This can provide completely automatic operation for many common situations.  For example, each output can be configured to scan several audio sources so that when any one starts playing it will be instantaneously switched to.

The DXS is expandable to accept up to 16 digital inputs and route them to up to 16 (8 unique) digital outputs in any configuration you like. Each output is independently selectable to connect to any input. This allows the flexibility to listen to one source while recording another, or by putting a digital receiver in each room, listen to a different source in each room of a house at the same time. 


  • Modular Design

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The DXS features a modular design that allows it to grow with your needs. 8 separate input and output modules can be user installed into the 19" 1U rack-mountable enclosure. Each module contains either 4 receivers or 4 transmitters in either a coaxial (RCA) or TOSLINK (optical) format. The DXS has 4 input and 4 output module bays, allowing up to 16 inputs and 16 outputs. This way you only buy what you need.

Scalable for large systems: If you need to control even more digital signals than a single DXS can handle then you can chain multiple DXS units together.   For example, a system with 256 inputs can be achieved with 17 DXS units.

Input Modules

TOS In Coax In Dual In
4 TOSLink In 4 Coax In 2 TOSLink In
2 Coax In

Output Modules

TOS Out Coax Out Dual Out
4 TOSLink Out 4 Coax Out 2 TOSLink Out
2 Coax Out


  • Quality Signal Transfer

The DXS modules are designed for ultra low noise operation. Each coax input and output is transformer coupled for true electrical isolation. Each coax input and output uses differential receivers and drivers  (these are easily adaptable to the AES/EBU standard - please inquire). Digital signals travel on 2-layer, ground planed, controlled impedance circuit boards. All digital channels are designed to operate at 96kHz sampling rates.

  • Informative Display

The DXS uses a 2 x 16 character back-lit LCD display with a number of useful display modes showing the status of each input and output and data stream details (error counts, sample rate, copyright bits, etc.)

  • Smart Automatic Control

Any output channel can be set to automatically switch to the newest active input of a group of digital inputs. This allows the DXS to automatically switch to what you want it to simply by starting playback on the device you want to use. Unlike the MSB Digital Director, the DXS will not switch to signal sources which are paused or are outputting digital '0'. The DXS examines the content of the digital data stream to determine whether something is really playing or not. The DXS can be configured on a per-output basis to only monitor the inputs you specify. This prevents the DXS from switching to unwanted sources.

  • Powerful Computer Control

The DXS supports computer control via RS-232, S-Link (Control-A1) or infrared. The DXS supports a powerful set of commands and responses which go beyond simple switching of inputs. Status information regarding the sampling rate, error counts, and control or user bits of any of the 16 incoming data streams is available. Commands are even available which allow the controlling program to take over the LCD display for it's own use.

  • Easy Manual Control

The DXS comes with a remote control for simple manual operation without the need to be hooked up to a computer.  The remote control will allow you to easily switch any input or set any of the DXS configuration parameters just as with the computer control.