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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Re: CDJ "loses touch" with Slink-e?

Posted By: Jonathan Broome <jbroome@w...>
Date: 10/7/00 11:17am

Well, I went ahead and configured the latest version of CDJ (10/3) to use slinkeserv (View -> Options -> Slink-e), and the problem seems to have gone away! I've been running in shuffle mode for three days without problems (the problem used to appear within a few hours.)

Of course, when one problem goes away, another always seems to surface (actually, a few small problems) - the first one is that CDJ seems to like to pop up the "Saving Database" window on a regular basis, even though nothing has changed besides that fact that a CD has been played. Does it really need to save the database for this reason? (I know I can turn off the autosave option, but ...)

The more important problem is that when I start up CDJ, it shows a number of discs as being not present (star next to the player/disc number), even though the discs *are* in the player. If I tell it to search for discs manually, it will find them and update the state. How does CDJ determine that the discs were not present?

Finally, I still get the "CDJ has changed the database format" alert every few times I start up CDJ. I don't *think* I'm doing anything weird to the database, and I haven't touched the files by hand. At about the same time (I think), I've noticed that some of the album's screen cover images disappear -- the files are still present, but the field in the CDJ information window is blank, and the image isn't displayed. Is there some sort of database corruption occurring?

Despite these issues, I think CDJ is still the best thing to happen to my stereo in a long time - Thanks!


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