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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Re: ctvremote VC++ problems

Posted By: Peter Maresh <phmaresh@h...>
Date: 10/15/00 6:08am

In Response To: Re: ctvremote VC++ problems (Peter Maresh)

Okay, I got it. For yous alls edification: If you use DCOM and slink-e serv, and the slink-e controls, any device you wish to use must have a device file on the SERVER machine, and the device path that you specify in the app must be for the SERVER. If you wish to write slink-e apps that run on other machines besides the server, you can't use the executable path as the device file path. Maybe a note of this could be added to the AddDevice documentation? A careful read of AddDeviceText implies this, but I didn't bother to read it (closely anyway) until 15 minutes ago.

The reason that it worked in the one case mentioned in my previous post was because I have the same directory structure on the server machine, so it worked in that single case. However, my yamahaamp.cde device file did not exist in the directory structure on my server machine.

Colby - any thoughts of redoing this server stuff using TCP? This DCOM stuff confuses the heck out of me!

Good luck everyone,


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