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Re: ctvremote VC++ problems

Posted By: Peter Maresh <phmaresh@h...>
Date: 10/14/00 5:14pm

In Response To: Re: ctvremote VC++ problems (Colby Boles)

Thanks... didn't help, but messing with it a bit more I discovered that the following things were happening. Some more info: I am using slink-e serv on an old 486 laptop running (more like walking) 95, but I'm developing on another 95 machine which is connected through a simple hub. This machine also runs CDJ fine. The ethernet is local, no connection to internet through ethernet.

My devel directory is c:\audio\nirvis\Sample Programs\TV Remote (VC)\ I have three .cde files in the devel directory: sonyir.cde, tv.cde (the two defaults) and my new yamahaamp.cde.

When I compile with CString strDeviceFile = ExePath+"tv.cde"; Everything works fine. I can control my Sony TV perfectly from my development machine through slink-e serv on the laptop.

When I compile with CString strDeviceFile = ExePath+"yamahaamp.cde"; I get "Unable to open device file" and it lists the correct path and filename.

Now the interesting part. Completely by accident, I changed the directory name from "Sample Programs" to "Programs" and now NEITHER of the programs work. Both give me "Unable to open device file c:\audio\nirvis\Programs\TV Remote (VC)\" (which is the correct directory). If I copy the programs to any other directory on my machine other than the original development directory, they don't work either. This doesn't make sense because I'm NOT hardcoding the directory into my program - I'm using the original code, which looks for the device files in the executable directory.

I am really really confused.

Finally, I took both programs, copied them to the laptop (which is the machine that the slink-e is directly connected to), and ran them from the laptop, and of course, both ran completely fine in ANY directory that I put them. Which is good, except that I want them to run from my other computer. If neither programs had run from the original machine, I would have said that there is some problem with DCOM over the network, however, the one instance - using the original tv.cde in the original development directory (which the CDJ install program created) works fine (and of course, CDJ works fine as well over the network).

Now I'm really really really confused.

Any further thoughts? Pete

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