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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10


Posted By: Mike <mrsoundtrack@c...>
Date: 11/5/00 2:49am

I am considering purchasing the Slink-e mainly for use with my 400 disc cd player (CDP-CX450 w/ 2-way LCD remote). I would first like to ask a few questions:

1. After the song information is downloaded from CDDB, exactly what info can be uploaded to my player?

2. Will my player be able to store artist name, cd title, and the song names?

3. If so, is my player being "tricked" into thinking it's cd text encoded?

4. If all of this info can be uploaded to my 400 disc unit, will the data be viewable on my 2-way lcd remote? Hopefully track names.

5. Does Sony allow enough space to with-hold all of this data in the player?

6. If the data can be uploaded to my player, will it read that the cd is an encoded cd text disc even though it is not? Therefore showing the song names on the player screen?

7. Approximately how long does it take to download cd information from CDDB for a 400 disc unit?

8. Can I use the slink-e on my MDS-JB920 mindisc player? If so, what will it be capable of performing?

9. As a general question to everyone that has purchased the slink-e and uses the cdj, are you happy with it? If not, what are the major flaws you have with it?

Thanks for your time everyone and I am GREATLY appreciative of any information you can supply me with. Thank you.



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