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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Re: new Slink-e

Posted By: Rich Boykin <rboykin@p...>
Date: 11/8/00 2:35pm

In Response To: Re: new Slink-e (Mansell Rainbolt)

I've written a small vb app that does basically what you're looking for....

It's really a generic device/event bridge that runs independant of cdj or any other cm11a software (uses slinkx). You need to have a device file for the devices you are going to control / receive from (provided with cdj or you can roll your own), and then you define events (similar to an event file for cdj as well).

The program is a system tray application, so it doesn't take space on your desktop or taskbar, and it has a small memory footprint. The events are defined at runtime in an .ini file, so it has to be restarted to make any changes.

These parameters are built up into a map.ini file that is loaded when the program runs. here's a quick example







ir:dvd||x10:dim[a1, 10]|x10:off[a2 a3 a4 a5]


Devices are defined by "DEVICE:" and then the parameters (i think I added two more parameters, but don't remember them right now). The first is the device name, the second is the path to the file.

The events are: trigger||event1|event2|etc....

where the events are valid devices:events as defined in the device files....

I'm not quite done (some error handling and logging options), but I can send you the file/source code if you're interested.



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