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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Re: new Slink-e

Posted By: Mansell Rainbolt <rainbolt@p...>
Date: 11/8/00 1:33pm

In Response To: Re: new Slink-e (Mike Kropp)

I have all the latest software from the HomeSeer Beta page. It looks like the HomeSeer Slink-e interface allows HomeSeer to control Slink-e devices. I am in the process of installing my long serial line (50-60 ft) from my computer to my Slink-e which is located in the same cabinet as my Sony CD player, Amp, and VCR, so I haven't set up these devices yet. I have downloaded and installed the CDJ program. I still don't see how I can make the Sony IR remote (or any other remote) control the X10 devices via the CM11A. With the two Active X controls, I should be able to write VBScript programs that handle the interface, but I thought there was something easier. I would appreciate it if you or someone else would give me a few more more specific directions. I must be missing an obvious point somewhere. Thanks, Mansell

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