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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Help with Device Command Mapping for Genre

Posted By: Craig Shirley <craig@v...>
Date: 11/14/00 11:19pm

Following the help example in CDJ HELP on "How TO Control CDJ with a Remote Control" and the example in the comment section of the maps.txt file on selecting Genres with these codes...

I'm trying to send slink-e several discrete Sony VCR3 commands through Rx0 (one command at a time) to be mapped to a series of commands through the maps.txt file (the series of commands is the Genre example in the comments of the maps.txt file). Everything works great when I power cycle my CDPM555ES and start CDJ. I execute a VCR3 command and I see the command recognized on the slink-e data window. However, after a few iterations of these commands (say 3 to 5), the slinke (or my jukebox) gets confused, and the commands are no longer displayed on the Slinke data window. Also, when the system gets in this state, slinke will not allow the jukebox to respect IR commands (like pause) for more than half a second.

The modified portion of my maps.txt file is listed below (I actually have 9 instantiations of the following commands with the "vcr3:n" command incremented (from vcr3:1 to vcr3:2,vcr3:3.. ) and the kw= search changed (from kw=classical to kw=rock, kw=pop...)- so I've just included the first vcr3 command example).

vcr3:1 { cdj:playlist_stop cdj:search_mode[track] cdj:search[kw=classical] cdj:playlist_clear cdj:playlist_mode[random] cdj:playlist_play }

All help is appreciated.

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