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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

IR Repeating Hanging

Posted By: Chris Fowler <ChrisF@O...>
Date: 11/20/00 11:17pm

Back in Oct 99 Brian Smith wrote....

>>> Posted By: Brian Smith Date: 10/7/99 8:02am

I am using my Slink-e to repeat IR signals from one room to another and to control CDJ. I have a 7 port expander plugged into the slinke, one receiver in one room and an emitter in the room with all my kit in. I've noticed that the reciever appears to 'hang' on a frequent basis. The emitter will stop emitting and CDJ will stop responding to any IR commands. Simply temporarily unplugging the RJ11 plug from the reciver module and plugging it back in gets things up and running again but it is getting rather annoying. Any ideas ?


Brian <<<

I have exactly the same problem (same config too). The hanging can be fixed by sending IR through another connected receiver on Slink-e. Then the hung receiver starts working fine.

Any resolution to this problem?


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