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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Re: Programing 101 for Intelligent non programer

Posted By: Justin Foster <jfost@p...>
Date: 11/24/00 12:19pm

In Response To: Programing 101 for Intelligent non programer (Michael K. Floyd)


I had the same need and did the following:

First, create the IR file (I just did a TX Only file as I did not need the remote to control CDJ, only the preamp itself.) Sounds like you already did this.

Second, add the Device in CDJ. I named my device "rotelpreamp". Remember that the name of the ir file (rotelrc972.cde in my case) is not necessarily the same as the name of the device that you add in CDJ. This screwed me up on the first iteration.

Third, add the appropriate lines in the map file to start and stop the preamp when you start and stop you CDJ propram. Here are the lines I used:

cdjr:pre_startup {rotelpreamp:power} cdjr:shutdown {rotelpreamp:power}

While you are in the map file, add these other lines if you want to have the CDJ buttons for volume and mute control the premap as well:

cdjr:vol_up {rotelpreamp:volume_up} cdjr:vol_down {rotelpreamp:volume_down} cdjr:mute_on {rotelpreamp:mute} cdjr:mute_off {rotelpreamp:mute}

Hope this is helpful...feel free to email me if you need other help with this. And don't feel bad, I failed synthetic organic chemistry.


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