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Can you help Colby

Posted By: loyd <loydanglin@h...>
Date: 11/26/00 11:16am

Colby, I have had the Slinke for about three years and have it connected to one Sony CDP-CX270 cd changer via the sl0 port on slinke and by way of a splitter to the control a-1 port on my Sony STRDA90-ESG Receiver. For the receiver, I have been using the ampsls.cde file and have the maps file set up to do so. Everything has worked fine until just lately (approximately beginning of Oct.) when I completely lost control over the receiver. The cd player still functions just fine. The slinkeserv is on and tests fine. I have tested the lines to make sure there are no grounds. The slinke shows green, just like it always has, when everything is plugged in. I have switched the slinke to the sl1 to control the receiver only but still no luck. Effectively, everything works fine except the receiver no longer receives the signal from the slinke, which means no changing of inputs, volume, etc. I just wondered if you had ever encountered anything like this or had any ideas on what I could do to rectify the problem. Any help would be apprecitated.

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