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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

Glitch in CD Memo Text - accented characters?

Posted By: Jonathan Broome <jbroome@w...>
Date: 11/26/00 2:07pm

I have a disc with the name "Coppélia, La Source (Disc 1)", with the "e" accented. (Its CDDB ID is 6F0F1D17.) CDJ correctly shows the name in the Windows GUI. However, when I download the text memo to the player (a CDP-CX400), the player shows the name as "Copp˙˙˙élia,".

It turns out that the character "˙" has an ASCII value of 255 (decimal), which sounds like a clue - perhaps something as simple as sign extension gone amuck? ["é" is 233, btw.]

I'm using the 11/20 version of CDJ, though I've been seeing this problem all along..



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