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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #10

A Few Minor Quessstions

Posted By: Matt Ashenden <mashenden@c...>
Date: 11/29/00 5:42pm

#1 Can CDJ be modified so that the text is white whenever it is highlighted by the blue ribbon? The 11/20 rev made it this way when selected with the mouse, but when the library tracks what is playing in the playlist, these selections do not have white text. They are real hard to see.

#2 In past versions the image file could be selected using a button that was next to the field (allowing the user to select the folder then the desired file with the mouse). Now it appears to not have this ability. Other than remembering the file name and typing it in, is there an easier way (I have never been able to get the automatic way to work)?

#3 Occasionally a CD in the library will get an asterisk next to the ID (*P1D###) and then this CD will not play. I assume that this is meant to indicate a slot where the disc was removed but in the past it has happened on occasion even when the CD was in the slot (I donít know if it still does this with the new revision). If the disc is in the slot and the asterisk remains, what can I do to get rid of it?

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