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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #11

Re: 2* CDP-CX450 plus...

Posted By: Michael Einhaus <meinhaus@o...>
Date: 1/13/01 5:50am

In Response To: Re: 2* CDP-CX450 plus... (Dan Herrmann)

Many thanks for the info Dan! This was a typical case of RTFM (read the fucking manual). Yes, you can set the adress for a CDP-CX450 via the frontcontrols. Here`s how if someone is interested: press menu/no turn the jog dial until Command Mode? is displayed press yes now you can jog from CD1 to CD2 and CD3 mode, now press the jog dial and the settingis done.

Does this help me with my problem? No. The problem is that the analog signal is only switched through if a CD3 player is connected to the CDP-CX450. If any other adress is selected the second (or third)player is not recognized. That basically means for the operation via an Slink-e that you can have 3 players (e.g. 3* CDP-CX450 or 2* CDP-CX450 and 1*CDP-CX250) on one Slink bus, but you need a mixer device or a separate input to your amplifier in order to get the signal of the player with adress 2 to your amp. I find it hard to understand what Sony had in mind when they designed it that way. Do they want to stop us from buying more than 2 changers?

Many thanks for all your help Dan and Colby and Patrick!

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