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Re: slinkx error messages

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 1/15/1999 9:45p.m.

In Response To: Re: slinkx error messages (Mike Miller)

I'm sorry I haven't figured out the recipe for cooking up the "Advise marshall failed" and subsequent "No sink" messages. I

guess I was hoping for Colby to see the post and offer some clues. It seems to happen more when my program is running,

and even more when I'm developing in VB5 then exiting VB5. Dunno.

I know what the messages are, but I don't know why they are cropping up. Without getting into gory detail, you are seeing these error messages when the thread on the server which receives device messages (which ultimately become events) for your SlinkX client can't unmarshall the interface to the SlinkX event generator interface passed to it. It only attempts to do this unmarshalling when it receives its first device message for that client. Subsequent device messages will yield the "No sink" error if the connection was not established. I'm not quite sure why you would be encountering such a problem. Some possible causes might be:

1) You are doing development and so your program crashes or you halt execution occasionally. The server is not aware of the missing connection and when the server receives it's first device message for that client, it has trouble with the unmarshalling process since the interface on the SlinkX control is no longer there. If this were true, you would see more than one user displayed on SlinkeServ due to the old clients.

2) I thought I had a cause #2, but now I can't remember :) (I have had the flu for the last few days along with a fever, so my thoughts aren't too clear...)

I'd be very interested any methods you can come up with to reproduce the problem. I never see it here (of course :)) on the 2 NT4.0 SP4 and 1 98 machine I have, even though I leave the server running for days or weeks. I have a few commercial customers who use the same server to run radio stations and other systems which operate 24-7, and I haven't heard of any problems from them. Some of them even use Win95 as their OS. This makes me think that something might be going on which is specific to your system configuration or your program. I'm certainly not saying that it is your fault though....

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