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Intelligent handling of overlapped fading?

Posted By: Dan Butterfield <dan@b...>
Date: 1/16/1999 6:21p.m.

In CDJ, is it possible to have the fade-in / fade-out of a song disabled if an overlap has been specified and the songs can not be overlapped? For example, on my system I typically have overlapped fading configured since I like to play randomized play lists on alternating players. However, when I occasionally build a play list from songs on a single CD (which obviously can't be overlapped), the songs still fade in and fade out. This even occurs when I add a CD to the play list and explode it to see the individual songs. Even though they are in sequential order on the CD, CDJ still fades them in and fades them out.

It seems like the simple thing would be to detect that the songs can't be overlapped (e.g. not on separate players), which I assume CDJ already knows since it doesn't try to start the second song before the first finishes, and in that case just don't do the fading.

- Dan Butterfield (dan@butterfields.net)

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