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Re: Slink-E, VCRs and LANC(Control L)

Posted By: Barry Gordon <barry_gordon@m...>
Date: 1/20/1999 10:35a.m.

In Response To: Slink-E, VCRs and LANC(Control L) (Mike Ginns)

If I remember right, all you will get out of these connections with the majority of VCR's is a control pulse count, and not even the count. If a VCR does not record SMPTE time code, or the VCR odesn't read it, the only thing on the tape is a control pulse (string of). I believe that what you then get is a signal that is the pulse on one of the edit lines. I do not believe you get anything as sophisticated as time code which is what you really want. 8mm format does a better job at this then VHS. The tape counters normally do not relate to anything. I say this because on some machines they relate to the physical tape capstan while on others they reflect the number of control pulses passes in a positive (forward direction) or negative (rewind direction. They definately do not reklate to true frame number which is why time code was invented in the first place.

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