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Re: Slink-E, VCRs and LANC(Control L)

Posted By: Mike Ginns <MikeGinns@D...>
Date: 1/21/1999 11:56p.m.

In Response To: Re: Slink-E, VCRs and LANC(Control L) (Barry Gordon)

Hi Barry,

Thanks for the information but one point confuses me. Most VCRs these days (certainly the three I have) display a real time tape position rather than just an arbitary numeric counter. Also if I put a tape into the machine which is already wound to the middle, the VCR will instantly display the number of minutes of recording to this point.

I can't see how the above is being achieved if only index pulses are available internally. It only works if the tape has already been recorded on (a blank tape reverts to displaying the arbitary counter you talk of). This seems to indicate to me that something is being recorded on the tape to give minutes/seconds position.

I agree that this will not give frame accurate information but just a nearset second or two position is OK for me.

As to whether any of this internal information is available via a LANC or 5 pin, you may well be correct here. This is my worry, that I may not be able to get at the information even if it does exist.

Any thoughts or sources of information where I could research this further?

Thanks very much for your help,


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