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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Re: Fast Forward Buttons?

Posted By: Bryan Aldrich <bryan_aldrich@h...>
Date: 1/27/1999 9:01p.m.

In Response To: Re: Fast Forward Buttons? (Colby Boles)

You're right as usual Colby, I found the hidden tool bar. You might want to add the three dots to the Toolbar command, "View->Toolbar..." so that people will realize that a dialog box pops up. Right now it just looks like it's either checked or not checked - no indication that the toolbars can be customized.

I regards to sorting the playlists... I find that there are many times I would like to sort the playlists, like to group together all my favorite songs from a certain artist. I would expect the playlist to then play the songs as indicated, in whatever sort order you chose. After all the shuffle button is always available to randomize it any moment. Just some thoughts...

Great product.

PS. If anyone is interested I have written a simple parser of the CDJ library file in Visual Basic. I just parse the text file and load all the info into global variables. I found that it is easier to let CDJ do all the heavy lifting and then just use the resulting library in my own programs. I know Colby might go to MS Access but I couldn't wait.

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