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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Re: Slink-e Firmware Feature Request

Posted By: shane <sfalik@h...>
Date: 1/29/1999 8:33p.m.


I am thinking about creating a similar system. I have a velocity 4400 video card with an NTSC S-Video output. I found the video quality lacking when playing back DVD through the video card to the TV however. My solution is to connect the output of my DVD Decoder card to the AV System,and use the Picture in Picture feature of my TV instead (I knew it had to be good for something:). Although I have not yet purchased a Slink-e, I am hoping to have it issue IR commands to my TV to reduce the TV display to the Small PiP box, and display the output from the PC Video full screen when accessing the main controller functions. I also plan on having a small subset of A/V Commands (volume, FF, REW, etc...) available in the small PiP window. I have an RF mouse, but have not yet decided whether to use it, or base control of the software on commands from one of my existing IR Remotes. This solution would also be somewhat hardware independent, requiring only a PiP capable TV, and a PC with TV-out on the video card (which seems to be a feature most of the new video cards are offering). I also plan on creating a very easy-to-use Remote IR Code learning feature.

Any comments or suggestions from anyone?

p.s. COLBY: I do not own a Sony CD Changer (or any Sony equipment for that matter), is it possible to get a version of Slink-e that only does IR commands. I really like the product, however simply cannot afford it (especially with the terrible exchange rate of our Canadian Dollar). What about a build-it-yourself kit.

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