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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Re: New CDJ Version with 270/90ES text uploading

Posted By: Dan Butterfield <dan@b...>
Date: 1/29/1999 10:43p.m.

In Response To: New CDJ Version with 270/90ES text uploading (Colby Boles)

I tried out this feature; pretty amazing! This would be a killer feature if you could get it to work a bit more reliably. Leaving the player in Memo Scan mode after the upload is confusing, and seems to confuse CDJ as well. CDJ doesn't track which CD is being scanned by the Memo Scan, and if you go to upload some more text on another CD, it ends up clobbering a random entry because CDJ doesn't go to the right place to do the titling. Perhaps you can hit Memo Scan to exit titling mode, then immediately do a Play/Stop combination (this seems to usually pop the player out of Memo Scan mode).

I have a Slink-e 2.3 version, and also experience garbled characters (maybe one out of 20, although once one happens others seem to follow). Perhaps the characters just need to be entered slower?

Some minor UI nits: selecting multiple CD's in the library list only uploads text for a single selected CD. There should be some dialog during the actual text upload process to show it is going on (maybe even a progress bar?). The dialog to upload/download text for a single CD or for all CD's should say "Are you sure?" if you choose one of the "All CD's" options (maybe it does, I was afraid to try it).

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