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Re: Suggestions for CD's that CDJ fails to id?

Posted By: Craig O'Connor <coconno@s...>
Date: 1/31/1999 10:57a.m.

In Response To: Re: Suggestions for CD's that CDJ fails to id? (Colby Boles)

Well, I do chase down the obscure item now and then (much like the S-Link-E). Here are a 4 discs that CDJ did not recognize:

Paul Gayten & Annie Laurie/Regal Record in New Orleans/Specialty Records 1991 Freddie King/Original Blues Greatest Hits/King Records 1994
Bunny Berrigan/1936-1937/Classic Records 1994
Various Artists/West Coast Jive/Delmark Records 1992

Of these 4, the Win98 CD Deluxe program recognized the Paul Gayten cd and the West Coast Jive. I have tried re-doing the CDJ library twice and get about the same results. I can't seem to delete the unrecognized queued discs from the library without having having it lock up afterwards when I try to save the library.

I just checked the CD Deluxe's options and it is going to a site called tunes.com to gain it's info. I tried some variant of this in CDJ and it didn't work. I went to the CDDB's site and it didn't find any of the four CD's. Any chance you could expand CDJ's internet search capabilites.

I'm still relatively happy with the unit (still playing with the IR possiblities with mixed results). Very few people, of my acquaintance, have any idea what I'm talking about when I speak of music that originated in the earlier part of this century. These results were not completely unexpected.

Any help however (or suggestions) would be well appreciated, as I try and avoid prolonged keyboarding. I'd like to still be able to lift a beer, later in life, despite a small propensity for RSI. 8*)

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