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CDJ -- device file usage

Posted By: Ed Haszto <edhaszto@w...>
Date: 2/12/1999 11:40a.m.

I am having trouble using divice files and typing in commands directly as described in the help files. Specifically I have added the test device file sls.cde.which I've called testxxx. I then type testxxx.test[000F] and I get an error message as follows

[14:13:02] test[000F] is not a recognized command for the device testxxx

If I type testxxx.test[**0F] and put 00 in the Hex window, I get the same message.

If I load another device file say sonyampslr.cde and call it "amp" and I type amp:power_on it gives me the same error message, substituting power_on for test[000f].

I am trying to get the code for a Sony STR-G3 receiver, which has a control a port (not control a1). The documentation that I have says that it will work with control a1 devices if you use a stereo plug on the end going into the G3 and the normal mono plug on the other end. I want to see if I can get it working with slink-e

Ed Haszto

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