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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Re: New CDJ Version

Posted By: Arnold de Leon <slinkelist@d...>
Date: 2/12/1999 11:12a.m.

In Response To: New CDJ Version (Colby Boles)

Cool, doesn't think I have a phantom CD changer anymore.

It appears that the horizontal scrollbar in the library window
broke. I run with CD, Title, Location as the three columns
to display. The scrollbar is always greyed out even when the columns
are obviously wider.

I still get in to the "error" mode where then all commands that cdj
sends results in errors (as seen in the s-link status window).
The commands actually make it to the players so the players start
madly loading and unloading CDs. I think I've sent you a log of this
one already. Let me know if you need more.

It does appear to be a software bug since I can fix the problem by exiting
CDJ/Slinkserv. Sometimes the first restart of CDJ/slinkserv doesn't work.
It appears that if I wait "enough" time between the restarts things work.

I noticed you changed the way CDs that are not found are marked. They're
just "blank" instead of the "Unknown XXX/YYY"

When I do a massive CD load it's still a pain to find out where all the new
CDs are. I want to find them so I can review the information that came from
CDDB. I usually will want to add keywords, maybe fixup some of the entries.
Perhaps you can add a mode prompts on all CDDB matches. Then I can screen
the data as it comes in.


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