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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Shuffle Play Sony Bug

Posted By: Dick Dinkelspiel <dick@t...>
Date: 2/12/1999 9:19a.m.

Another user reported to me a problem that is unrelated to the Slink-e, but apparently is acknowledged as a problem by Sony in the CX240s and CX260s. I am wondering if anyone else has run into this problem, and how Sony has responded. This is the report I received:

There are two CX240s in the configuration. When the "shuffle play" with "no delay" is selected, play would begin, but after a random number of songs, both decks go into pause mode and cease playing.

After all kinds of tests, and being completely baffled as to what would be causing this, I called Sony's 1.900 number tech support. It was busy. It was busy for two days straight. So I called the 1.800 place-an-order line to get another number to call for tech support. The lady on the other end was not only very nice, but she knew of the problem I was reporting and informed me that was a problem with CX240s, CX260s, and anything better than those too.

I questioned what could be done and she said that they were "working on a fix" that would be available for free by "taking it in to a Sony service center", but that they currently had no fix, and that at this point I basically couldn't use that feature reliably. I asked when they expected this "fix" and she said that they had said it would be out by "late January... so being that it's past that, probably pretty soon... but I don't really know".

She also said that part of the problem with fixing this is that not all of the changers malfunction, and that the ones that do, don't do so with the same frequency.

I asked what would happen if they never were able to "fix" the problem, and she said that was incredibly unlikely, but that Sony would give me new players that did function properly, even if that meant upgrading me for free.

Any one with any further insights into this? Thanks.

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