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Re: DCOM and Win98

Posted By: Barry Gordon <barry_gordon@m...>
Date: 3/9/1999 6:04a.m.

In Response To: DCOM and Win98 (Jim Varrone)

I will try to summarize where I am relative to DCOM as an aide to others who wish to venture into a dark place.

The system: Pentium II's running windows 98 with TCP/IP over ethernet as the network. No servers, Domain controllers etc. What is commonly called Peer-to-Peer networking.

Installed: The DCOM98 system which is on the VB 6.0 CD rom. Some people think windows 98 is DCOM ready. I do not based upon performance before and after installing DCOM98

Configured: Using the DCOMcnfg program which is part of DCOM9, I set DCOM enabled (all machines); DCOMremote connection enabled only on the machine running SLinkeX; User authentication to none on all machines, Impersonation level to impersonate on all machines.

Started: On the SlinkeX server machine I start RPCSS.exe out of the RUN entry of the registry so it runs earlier than SLINKX, and I start SLinkX out of the startup folder.


If a machine has DCOM enabled and RemoteConnection enabled, (this is the machine running the remote CDJ) then the ISP dialer starts up at boot time. Made that stop by telling IE 4.0 that it is on a LAN and not to use a modem. To use IE I now start the dialer to establish the connection, and then run IE. It (IE) is happy, I am not.

CDJ now starts the dialer whenever it starts up. I have no idea why and will be looking at that tonight. Could use some COLBY help about here). Once every thing settles down, CDJ actually connects to SLINKX and controls the CD changer. The connection process is very slow (Approximately 2 minutes) and might have something to do with the dial connection being opened. (More Colby help if possible).Once connected I can use CDJ on the remote machine with no issue. I have not yet tried two CDJ's at the same time.

While driving to work I thought why am I knocking my brains out for all of this elegance? I thnk I will run up LapLink or PCAnywhere and just run CDJ on the machine connected to the Slinke via remote control. It might be all around easier. At least I want be making those phone calls all of the time.

Any help from interested parties will be greatly appreciated. I can be reached via eMail at bvgordon@digital.net.

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