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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Re: DCOM and Win98

Posted By: Barry Gordon <barry_gordon@m...>
Date: 3/9/1999 7:05p.m.

In Response To: Re: DCOM and Win98 (Colby Boles)

The situation I have is that when CDJ starts up to use SLINKX on the remote machine it attempts to make the connection over two networks, the dial network to the ISP and the LAN.

The systems are all Win98. The network is ethernet TCP/IP peer to peer. The system has dial up networking for the ISP connection to the internet. TCP/IP is therefor bound to the ethernet card and to the dial adapter. I believe that DCOM/CDJ first tries to find the remote computer whose name it has by dialing the ISP and trying there. It then times out on that process and tries the TCP/IP bound to the ethernet card which is what I want. I suggest that most people who use DCOM will be using it peer to peer as I am, and probably not over NT. The question is how do we tell CDJ to look for the slinke only on the stack bound to the ethernet card? The options are there for the com ports but not for the network. I believe that is what is required.

Enabling automation always takes 45 seconds. Is that correct?

As long as there is a dial adapter configured and set up for use by IE4.0 CDJ attempts to dial out. It might not be CDJ, but then the system must be doing it. If there are no dial up connections configured the system immediately goes to the ethernet network. If there is more then one connection in the dial up networking folder, CDJ always dials with the one set up for use by IE4.0

Any support would be appreciated.

P.S. The GPF on double clicking a play list is still there. The file associations all look correct, just the way you indicated. I did send the register details on the GPF in one of the postings. Is there anything else I can give you to assist with this one, let me know. Perhaps it is WIN98 related.

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