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Re: Non S-Link Control

Posted By: Colby Boles <cboles@n...>
Date: 3/11/1999 11:24a.m.

In Response To: Non S-Link Control (Tony B)

I want to control a Panasonic separates system using SLinkE. Intuitively, I suspect I should be using the green and yellow wires of the modular port, green being ground, for

SlinkE RX. I know the signals are TTL compatible (i.e. <5v). The control connectors are 3.5mm stereo. Anyone out there got any tips or advice? I've managed to emulate the

system's RC codes using EZ Learn, so I suspect the control signals aren't unusual.

First of all, is the port meant to receive, transmit, or both? What voltages do you see present on the port. Do you have an oscilloscope? What do things look like when the port is signaling? If it is TTL levels you can indeed connect it to a Slink-e RX input. You need to make sure that you have set up the SLink-e in SlinkeServ to use the correct port polarity by clicking on the "pulse-like" graphic next to the input arrow. This sets whether the input is active-high or active-low. The receiver modules I provide are active low, so you don't want to connect something normally at 0 Volts in this input mode or else the Slink-e will be constantly decoding this signal.


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