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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Problem uploading text to 90ES

Posted By: Dave Willis <dlwillis@w...>
Date: 3/12/1999 9:12p.m.

There seems to be a problem uploading text to a 90ES since the GROUP upload feature was added. When CDJ tries to upload the GROUP text, the disc location jumps backwards 7 discs. I loaded the 2-6-99 version (prior to the GROUP upload feature) of CDJ, uploaded the text for several discs and it worked perfectly. I had the 90ES set as the master (CD2) and the 260 set as the slave (CD3). It even worked OK as far as uploading text for the 260 (both disc names and track names) into the extra memory of the 90ES.

For the latest version of CDJ, I tried uploading text with the two players on the same Slink bus, with the 90ES in both master and non-master configurations. I also tried uploading with only the 90ES conected to the Slinke. In all cases, the newest version of CDJ (3-1-99) gets out of sync when trying to upload the GROUP data during the text transfer operation. The problem seems to happen with or without group data entered.

I didn't try the CDJ versions between 2-6-99 and 3-1-99, but I assume the problem started when the GROUP text data feature was added in CDJ version 2-22-99.


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