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Re: Remote controlling the Slink-e

Posted By: Dave Thomas <thomasdr@u...>
Date: 3/13/1999 1:04p.m.

I'm trying to do the same thing as Darrin. I want to translate sonytv:vol+ commands to kenwood_receiver:vol+ commands.

As Colby suggested I changed the time-out to be less than the time between
the "repeats" of the command. In my case (Sony TV), I set it to be 10,000.

I wasn't sure whether the device name should be "lowlevel" or the name of the device that will receive the IR command. When I used "lowlevel", I got the effect Colby described. Several (3 or 4) messages for every keypress.

The problem I now have is that the PC and/or the Kenwood receiver can respond to the kenwood_receiver:vol+ commands as fast as they are generated. The effect the user (my irate wife) sees is "coasting". She depresses the vol+ command on the remote and doesn't release it until the volume is where she wants it. Unfortunately, at this point there are many Kenwood:vol+ commands still being issued, so the final volume setting ends up way too high.

I guess I'll try issuing one kenwood_receiver:vol command for every three or four received sony_tv:vol commands that are sent to the msg_handler. Is there a better way?

Dave Thomas

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