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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Video Display Capability?

Posted By: Sinan Karasu <sinan@h...>
Date: 6/16/1999 11:56p.m.

What I did have before was
1 CX90ES
1 CX250

Now CX90ES displayed the track that was being displayed, and what
did was feed it to a stereo TV modulator (Cable ch 119) and fed it
to the house.

The 90ES always had problems about randomly restarting a track
in random play mode. Took it in for repairs, they replaced the drive
mechanism AND the base unit!!! ( S/W bug?)
Anyway so I got a CX300 meanwhile, of course with no Video.

So now what I would like to do is have CDj control


What I wish is that CDJ somehow can use the Video output of 90ES
as an NTSC mon out, so that I can feed it to the modulator.
and whicever CD is playing, can be seen on the TV display
( Yes they are all MTS)

Failing that, is there a video generator that I can drive with

Failing that I will have to dedicate a cheap PC to CDJ in the closet
with a composite video output. However I suspect CDJ will
be hard to see on the TV screen....


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