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Posted By: Justin Gillis <justingillis@c...>
Date: 6/18/1999 8:35a.m.

This is a copy of a help message I sent to Colby this morning. I re-post it here in case anyone else has had a similar experience or just has ideas about how to get out of this box:

Hi Colby. I recently ordered a Slink-e and I'm trying to set it up. Installing CDJ and support files on my home system appears to have rendered it unbootable.

I have a PII 300 configured with 64 megs of RAM and a very fast hard drive on a SCSI bus, running under Win98. Here is roughly what happened last night:

Since I have the latest version of IE5 and all other Microsoft system-file updates on my computer already, I figured I'd just trying installing CDJ directly without installing your system-file update. The installation program got most of the way through but then produced some error messages while attempting to "register" some files or components. I took that to mean I did in fact need the system-file update. So I downloaded and applied it. It seemed to work, but when I tried to re-boot my system hung at a text screen in the middle of the Win98 boot. I have tried re-booting a half-dozen times and I get exactly the same result at exactly the same point in the boot cycle each time. There is nothing on screen to indicate what the problem is.

The machine will boot into Safe Mode. I did that and re-installed both the system-file update and CDJ, with both installation programs reporting success. However, when I try a normal boot the system still hangs at exactly the same spot as before.

I have not tried restoring an older version of the Registry. Nor have I run the System File Integrity checker to replace corrupted files (in Safe Mode, I don't have access to my CD ROM drive, though I can probably work around that problem if necessary). I have not actually tried running CDJ in Safe Mode, and I have not tried the step of uninstalling it and reinstalling.

Any ideas about how to proceed? My best guess is that this is not actually a file-corruption problem but rather some bad entry in the Registry. That's strictly a guess though, and I await your sage advice before deciding what to do next.

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