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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Infowave wireless serial review

Posted By: Michael Roper <michaelr@e...>
Date: 1/5/1999 7:44p.m.

I purchased Innomedia's Infowave wireless serial product from techstore.com for $191 delivered. It comes complete with both a host and remote unit and can be used to connect either two PCs, or a PC and a device (like the Slink-e). Works under both 95/98 and NT. It operates at a maximum speed of 83 Kbps and at a maximum distance of 800 feet (more like 300 feet for a typical indoor application) using spread spectrum technology.

Setup was simple using the instructions for a remote modem connection. The host unit is powered off the keyboard port using a special Y-adapter. The remote unit uses the included AC adapter. The units are configured using software that is installed and run from the host computer (the remote unit must be configured using this software before it is connected to the remote device).

Once configured and hooked up, the Infowave's "Quick Wireless Connection" application is used to create and test a connection between the two units. This worked without a hitch. However, when I then ran CDJ, it couldn't find the SLink-e.

According to both the manual and tech support, the Quick Wireless Connection must be run first and then disconnected before attempting a normal connection. In about two dozen tries, I got two connections using this approach. After various tests and configurations I decided the manual and Infowave tech support (which was prompt and courteous but decidedly ineffective) was wrong.

Establishing the connection with the included software and leaving it connected before running CDJ seemed to work better. I was able to get a connection on the first try about half the time. If the initial attempt failed the second try always worked (using the "Locate Slinkes now" command of CDJ). Not a great reliability record, but I haven't really found it to be a problem in actual use.

Once successfully connected, CDJ and Slink seem to communicate fine. I've had no problems in that regard.

Two other notes. First, the host unit creates a howl when connected. If it's left connected for a day or more, the noise is reduced to an acceptable level. Shifting my legs under the table can make a big difference. I'm sure if I played with the location for the host unit I could find a spot where it would be silent but I haven't gotten around to it yet.

The second problem is that if you use 900 MHz for any other devices in your home, the Infowave could interfere with their operation. My Kenwood Stage 3 RF remote is completely disabled when the Infowave is connected.

Still, however imperfect the Infowave, it is an inexpensive solution for a big problem and I'm reasonably happy with its performance. If you need a wireless connection for your Slink-e and can deal with the issues noted here, I'd recommend the Infowave.

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