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Slink-e / CDJ Discussion Archive #3

Re: Adding a PC in your Home Theater

Posted By: Fredrik Thunved <fth@a...>
Date: 1/12/1999 2:54p.m.

In Response To: Adding a PC in your Home Theater (Scott S.)

Hello Scott!

I have taken this a step further, and actually _replaced_ most of my home theater with a PC. The PC is a PII/450 with a Matrox Mystique G200/Rainbow Runner combo (the Marvel doesn't have a tuner in Europe, so I had to use two slots), a Creative dXr2 DVD kit, a SLinke 1.0 controlling two Sony 200 disc CD-changers with the help of CDJ, and finally, a Destination 36" SVGA screen from Gateway 2000 (they don't sell the complete Destination systems outside of USA, but I managed to trick them into selling the screen as an add-on to my old Gw2k system ;-). The sound system is a Harman Kardon DPL system, hopefully soon to be replaced by a Dolby Digital kit. I am extremely happy with the performance of this system, the TV/DVD picture is simply stunning in full 800x600 resolution, I can surf the web, play Unreal, etc on a _huge_ screen, use "random" play and create playlists from 400 CDs, record and edit digital in _very_ high quality (704x576 resolution from PAL broadcasts!), etc etc. Highly recommended!

Fredrik Thunved

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